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SIBBA - March 2014


Hello SIBBA Family:

As you read our Cabinet members reports you will see what a fantastic year the different arts had. Please share our thanks to Theo Westhues, past HapKiDo delegate; and Nick Messersmith, past TaeKwonDo delegate for their service to the organization. Please welcome our new HapKiDo delegate, Sarah Carney; and our new TaeKwonDo delegate, Janine Tellinghuisen.

It was also a historic year as GM Pak retired from Iowa State and passed the baton to Master Hamann. Although many of you looked at GM Pak as the glue that held everything together, I would like to share another point of view. No organization can survive without the support of its members. It is due to the respect that is given to the good of the group that creates continuity and success.

When a great leader steps down, it is common for those that have personal agendas to try to impose their will by creating doubt, concerns, and discrediting the new leadership. A lot of times it’s due to confusion, lack of experience, and fear. Sometimes it’s just plain old jealousy. Fortunately I am proud to say that Master Hamann has learned to look beyond this petty adversity and put faith in the Pak Family Leaders who also believe in him. Congratulations, Master Hamann, on your first year and to a successful Banquet/Reunion turnout despite the weather.

I am excited to see the new developments that will happen in the Martial Arts communities in the years to come and how the SIBBA can help. We, also, are planning some changes to expand the purpose of the SIBBA and look for all of your help in doing this. We will be holding our planning meeting in the next couple of weeks, so look to our website for the updates.

Finally, we are looking for committee members to help. We have some great talent within our membership and I know a lot of you could really make an impact. Please contact me if you think you have some time and dedication to making this a great organization.

Wishing everyone a outstanding year!

Anthony A. Lamping
SIBBA President
ISU Alumni, 1988
Hapkido 3rd Dan.

The 2014 SIBBA Symposium is scheduled for November 8, 2014 at Farrell's USMA in Des Moines, IA.
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March 2014 (Annual Meeting)


Greetings Sirs and Ma’ams,

I am pleased to provide you with the 2013 Annual Treasurer’s Report, which summarizes support and financial activity for the State of Iowa Black Belt Association.

The past year has shown progress in our ability to offer support to SIBBA members. Through our scholarship program, we provided funding for two national collegiate taekwondo teams, two international judo players, one national junior taekwondo player and four college students demonstrating leadership and academic excellence.

2013 was also critical in terms of savings through our Annual Symposium. Master Brandon Miller and Farrell’s Martial Arts sponsored our Annual symposium at their Des Moines, Beaverdale location in November 2013. This was a great success, providing eight classes of various martial arts while saving $2,600 from the previous year.

Additionally, we had another successful Black Belt Reunion. Attendees were provided a chance to participate in a raffle, including three small prizes (massage gift certificate, $50 visa gift card and a photo of Grand Master Pak) and a grand prize (new uniform). The SIBBA also presented Grand Master Pak with a gift, an Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi. Our thanks go to Master Nate Meier, who provided the massage gift certificate and Mrs. Erin Carpenter, who designed the photo of Grand Master Pak. We would also like to thank Jordan Estrada of Estrada Music for providing quality, professional music entertainment. Finally, we thank the management and staff of the Quality Inn for their great support they continue to offer the SIBBA.

Below is a summary of the SIBBA’s 2013 financial activity:

Membership Income: $2,140.00

Athlete/Team Support: $2,200.00

Scholarships:  $1,850.00

Jared Ringstad Fund Balance: $4,501.07 (FMV); $4,753.96 (Basis)

SIBBA Investments Balance: $54,836.16

None of these services would have been possible without the support of our members. Although we would like to extend our membership to more martial artists, our organization continues to move forward in spreading the word of martial arts in the state of Iowa. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve as your Treasurer and work toward achieving the objectives of the SIBBA. I pledge to continue my work with the SIBBA to provide the best service possible to our members. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact myself at treasurer@sibba.org.


Seth Miller

Treasurer, State of Iowa Black Belt Association



Over the past year, we have been working hard to promote Hapkido in the state of Iowa and advance martial arts education. Iowa State University was pleased to host guest instructor Eui Young Kim, from Ho Seo University in South Korea at the beginning of the year. With his help, we were able to train a number of our black belts to judge in Young Mu, or demonstration, competition. This enabled us to host, for the first time, Young Mu competition as part of the Hapkido portion of the Iowa Games. We were also very privileged to have the instruction of Grandmaster Son and Masters Ken Pilch and Brian Hayes at this year’s SIBBA Symposium, helping us to promote both basic and advanced Hapkido amongst Iowa martial artists. 

Many thanks,

Theodore M. Westhues


Dear Judokas,

2013 was an eventful year for Iowa Judo. On March 16 Iowa State University hosted theNational Collegiate Judo Association (NCJA) Championships. A small delegation from ISU under the leadership of Grandmaster Pak had traveled to the 2012 NCJA Championships and put in a successful bid to host the 2013 tournament.

The tournament featured Championship and Novice division Shiais and a Kata competition. The technical level in the Shiais was exceptional. It was obvious from the large number Ippons scored that some of the best judokas in the nation were fighting for the medals. The ISU team performed outstandingly. In the Novice division, both ISU men and women took 2nd place in the team rankings. In the championship division, Molly Murtha took 1st place and Andrew Hansen took 2nd place in their weight brackets. ISU teams also earned medals in the Nage no Kata and Katame no Kata competitions. Two of the four special NCJA awards were received by ISU judokas: Rebecca Van Nordstrand received the Sportmanship Award and Grandmaster Pak received the Coach of the Year Award.

The 2013 NCJA Championships turned out to be a truly outstanding event throughout. Many hands and minds were involved in making it happen. The ISU Judo Club received much appreciated help from members of the ISU Taekwondo and Hapkido clubs, former CMAC alumni, parents, friends, etc., in hosting the event. SIBBA provided computers the electronic scoring system. With hosting the 2013 NCJA Championships Iowa State University has entered a select group of universities that have hosted the tournament in the last so many years. Many people who came to ISU for the tournament congratulated the ISU Judo Club for the successful execution of the event and the wonderful experience they had here. The tournament was a demonstration that the ISU Judo Club can host a large national Judo event in style. Maybe they will host it again in a few years.

The ISU team is well prepared to participate in the 2014 NCJA Championships, which will be in College Station at Texas A&M University on March 8. Hopefully, they can continue the success of last year.

On June 15-16, the US hosted their first Judo Grand Prix tournament ever in Miami, Florida. The Grand Prix tournaments are A level tournaments and in terms of points for the world rankings only second to A+ level tournaments such as the Olympic Games and the World Championships.

Two Iowa State University athletes got to experience the high caliber Judo of the Grand Prix first hand. Molly Murtha and Alyssa Gilkey were nominated to compete for Team USA in the -78kg category. Both lost their first round matches against physically and technically strong opponents. A third US competitor in the -78kg category was Samantha Bleier, an ISU alumni now practicing at the USA Judo Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs, taking fifth place at the Grand Prix. The event was streamed live on the internet and Judokas around the nation are starting to take notice of our strong Iowa athletes. Gilkey and Murtha attended the international training camp after the tournament and shared their new learned techniques with fellow Iowa Judokas when they came home. SIBBA supported Gilkey and Murtha with each 500$ to fight at the Grand Prix tournament.

Current and recent Iowa Judokas are currently nationally ranked in the top 10: Molly Murtha (5), Alyssa Gilkey (2), Kedge Zawack (7) and Samantha Bleier (1).

The 2013 USA Judo Junior Olympic National Championships and Junior Olympic International Championships were held in Irving, Texas from June 28-30. The Sioux City Judo Club had several athletes compete and place in the event: Cielos Doenhofer (8 years, +44kg category) took gold; Solveigh Skarhus (15, -70kg) took silver and bronze in the national and international divisions, respectively; Marissa Solis (7, -25kg) took gold.

Locally, the four classic Iowa Judo tournaments took place around the year: the Loras College Judo Tournament in March in Dubuque, the ISU Spring Judo Championships (formerly VEISHEA Judo Championships) in April, the Iowa Games Judo Tournament in July, and the Iowa State Championships in Sioux City in November. Participation in these tournaments was at about the same level as it has been in recent years.

Overall, Iowa Judo continues to improve and spread. Iowa Judokas are becoming a regular occurrence on the national Judo scene. Many thanks to the strong and passionate involvement of the coaches, referees, officials, parents and friends of our outstanding Iowa athletes. Thank you for your help and support!

Dr. Soeren Prell
SIBBA Judo Delegate

Greetings sirs and ma’ams,

2013 was a magnificent year for Taekwondo in the State of Iowa. The State of Iowa managed to officially create and have a USA Taekwondo State organization. This is wonderful for Taekwondo in Iowa because now we can have officially sanctioned USAT Tournaments and qualifiers in Iowa. The first will be held sometime in 2015.

Cyclone Martial Arts held their normal 3 tournaments of the year like usual. Govenor’s Cup, ISU Championship, and Iowa Games all had a great turn out. Also a new tournament came to the Pak family this year. The Eastern Iowa Taekwondo Championship hosted by Bruce Taekwondo, Kang’s Martial Arts, Kim and Lee’s Taekwondo and The University of Iowa Taekwondo. It was a huge success and 2014 promises to be even better.

This was also the first year without Grandmaster Yong Chin Pak. Master Matt Hamann has taken over for him and has done a great job. 2014 promises to be a better year under Master Matt Hamann and for the Pak family and ISU martial arts.

Overall 2013 was a great year for Taekwondo in the State of Iowa and the Pak Family as well. I hope everyone keeps attending events and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2014.

Thank you sirs and ma’ams.

Master Nick Messersmith
The University of Iowa Taekwondo
Iowa City Parks and Recreation Taekwondo
State of Iowa Black Belt Association Taekwondo Delegate
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