SIBBA Newsletter - July 2013
The SIBBA Symposium will be September 21stat the Farrell's US Martial Arts Beaverdale/Des Moines location. Registration, class schedule, and details will be available soon.


Dear Judokas,

Last month, June 15-16, the US hosted their first Judo Grand Prix tournament ever in Miami, Florida. The Grand Prix tournaments are A level tournaments and in terms of points for the world rankings only second to A+ level tournaments such as the Olympic Games and the World Championships. In these two days we saw some of the world’s best Judokas competing and showing their skills.

Two Iowa State University athletes got to experience the high caliber Judo of the Grand Prix first hand. Molly Murtha and Alyssa Gilkey were nominated to compete for Team USA in the -78kg category. Murtha faced Diana Chala of Ecuador; a physically very strong athlete, with a powerful O Soto Gari. Murtha held her ground in Tachi Waza, before she was thrown for Yuko and lost the match with a pin. Gilkey fought against Mirla Gua-Nolberto of Guatemala. Gua-Nolberto pinned Gilkey with Kesa Gatame, but Gilkey escaped from the pin. However, the referee decided that the pin was only broken after the 20 seconds necessary for an Ippon. The third US competitor in the -78kg category was Samantha Bleier, an ISU alumni now practicing at the USA Judo Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs, taking fifth place at the Grand Prix. Two US athletes took medals: Marti Malloy (gold, -57kg) and Colton Brown (bronze,-90kg). Murtha and Gilkey both are determined to practice even harder in the future to not only compete in upcoming Grand Prix’s, but also to eventually stand on the medal podium. The event was live streamed on the internet and Judokas around the nation are starting to take notice of our strong Iowa athletes. 

The 2013 USA Judo Junior Olympic National Championships and Junior Olympic International Championships were held in Irving, Texas from June 28-30. The Sioux City Judo Club had several athletes compete and place in the event: Cielos Doenhofer (8 years, +44kg category) took gold; Solveigh Skarhus (15, -70kg) took silver and bronze in the national and international divisions, respectively; Marissa Solis (7, -25kg) took gold. Congratulations to coach Karen Mackey and all her all athletes. For more details see the article on the USA Judo web site.

In local news, the Iowa Games 2013 Judo Tournament is coming up on July 20. Consider participating in this tournament.


Dr. Soeren Prell

SIBBA Judo Delegate


Dear SIBBA Members,

The Fourth Annual Hapkido Summer Camp took place 28-30 June and was a great success: our participants enjoyed the instruction of Grandmaster Young Gul Son (Black Eagle Hapkido, Des Moines) and Dr. Eui Young Kim (Ho Seo University, S. Korea) in short stick techniques, advanced wrist grabs, knife defense, and Yong Moo (Competition Hapkido). We also expanded the circle of our Hapkido family as we enjoyed the company of practitioners from Wisconsin and Illinois. 

On the 21st of July, the ISU Dojang will be hosting our second Hapkido competition with Iowa Games. The Cyclone Martial Arts club is looking forward to hosting the state’s other Hapkido practitioners as we demonstrate our skills in Yong Moo and jumping for height and distance. 

Finally, Master Matt Hamann and Iundefinedin response to some interest expressed by the University of Iowa Hapkido club and visiting practitioners from Illinoisundefinedare discussing the possibility of hosting a Midwest Open Hapkido Competition and inviting practitioners from the surrounding states to join us for a day of Yong Moo competition sometime in the 2013-2014 school year.


Theo Westhues


Greetings Members of the SIBBA;

As you have seen in the other sections of the newsletter, there have been many exciting things happening throughout the state of Iowa, as well as the country when it comes to martial arts.  From the State of Iowa, we have had a hand full of athletes compete in national and international competitions.  Mrs. Erin Carpenter and her forms team have been working hard and training every day to compete in national tournaments, and on the first weekend in July, will compete in Chicago in the Sr. Nationals competition.  Also competing will be Master Kim from Cider Rapids.  Please wish them all luck as they will be representing our state!  

Two Judo students were invited to compete in the International Judo tournament that was held in Florida.  Both Alyssa Gelky and Molly Murtha represented our country very well!  They also had a chance to participate in a clinic with international athletes and coaches, where they gained lots of knowledge and created new friendships.  

For the past year, Dr. Eui-Young Kim from Ho Seo University has been visiting the state of Iowa, teaching us about his style of Hapkido, the competition side of Hapkido, and the philosophy and some new concepts behind Hapkido. Dr. Kim will be returning to Korea and his university at end of July.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all he has done for us here in the state of Iowa and also for letting me train with him and his students at his university last year.  We look forward to seeing him on his next visit to our state in a year or two.  

We also held a retirement party for our wonderful Grandmaster Pak.  It was a long weekend full of tears of joy and sadness. The emotions were high, but we all were able to enjoy ourselves.  Grandmaster Pak had such a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing all his friends from the past forty years.  This was a hard step for our leader and we were sad to see him leave.  However, He is only in California!  He has also shared with me that he intends to come and visit us as much as he can.  He would also love to hear from you. ycpak1@gmail.com is his email if you would like to get a hold of him.  

Since his retirement things have been busy here at Iowa State University.  I am working hard to serve you and accomplish the many tasks that were so easy for Grandmaster Pak to do.  I hope you can have patients with me and understand this is a new responsibility for me.  I am working hard to understand the job and get a routine going so that way everything can be as smooth as when Grandmaster Pak was here.  

I look forward to seeing all Judo, Hapkido, and Taekwondo at the Iowa Games this year.  It will be an exciting event with all three arts being represented once again at the Iowa Games.  This year, Judo and Taekwondo will be taking place side by side.  So, please make sure to go and cheer on the other sports and see what their competition looks like.

Have a great rest of the summer and I will see you all soon.


Master Hamann

SIBBA Delegate at Large

Cyclone Martial Arts Instructor

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