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Meeting minutes and announcements

This is the SIBBA news blog. Here we will post meeting minutes, updates from cabinet members, and points of interest to our members.
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  • 23 May 2018 5:29 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SIBBA Cabinet Meeting Minutes

    Date:               Saturday, April 28, 2018

    Location:            Forker Building, ISU Campus, Ames, Iowa

    Time:              12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (1:00 PM called to order)


    Meeting was called to order by President Miller at 1:00 PM

    I.                    Roll Call

    a.     Present were President Seth Miller, Treasurer Matt Hamann, Taekwondo Delegate Larry Voorhees, and At-Large Delegate Shane Johnson. Absent were Secretary Teresa Nickell, Judo Delegate Kenwood Scoggins and Hapkido Delegate Gina McAndrews. Larry Voorhees appointed Acting Secretary for the meeting by President Miller.

    b.     Committee Chairs: Symposium – Symposium committee Chair Dr. Carmichael was also absent.

    II.                 Minutes of Previous Cabinet Meeting

    a.     Posted online, emailed to Cabinet

    b.     There were no additions, deletions or corrections. Minutes were approved by acclimation.

    III.               Treasurer’s Report

    a.     Checking Account:  $1,204.37

    b.     Investment Funds

                                                                   i.      Jared Ringstad (fund: The Bond Fund of America (ABNDX): $4,949.52

                                                                 ii.      General Fund (all others): $70,244.26


    IV.              Black Belt Reunion and Banquet

    a.     Feedback – Reunion was well received. The feedback from attendees was that the games went well, karaoke well received, people stayed at the event and were engaged. Also feedback that people appreciated the opportunity to pick up some of the “old” merchandise, and SIBBA was glad to get some of that old inventory cleared out.

    V.                 Annual Meeting

    a.     Feedback – went well, well attended, the earlier time seemed to work much better.

    VI.              Symposium 2018

    a.     The intent is for Dr. Carmichael and the Delegates to continue to plan the event. It is slated to be held in Marshalltown. We will need to have “Save the date”, location, and first-round flyer, ready by May/June.

    VII.            RAGBRAI service project

    a.     The idea of doing a community service project around RAGBRAI was brought up. Years ago, SIBBA had a free water and first aid station along the route. We supplied free bottles of water, a portable restroom and free first aid to riders. Total cost was around $500. The Cabinet asked Larry to look into the Tuesday route for RAGBRAI 2018 and see what possible placements might be available. Possible help from matt and shane.

    VIII.         Finances

    a.     See Treasurer’s report above. We have liquidated most of the old inventory. We have gone to an “order on demand” online store for branded merchandise. SIBBA receives 20% of the income from all online sales, and doesn’t have to hold any inventory.

    IX.              New Business

    a.     Ties – do we want/need to place an order? Seth will look into other possible solutions

    b.     Name Tags – has anyone asked for one? The decision was made to place a name-tag order twice a year, and have people pay for their own.

    c.      No other new business was presented

    X.                 Adjournment  - moved by MH, seconded by SJ, passed, adjourned at 1:24 PM.


    Respectfully submitted, Larry Voorhees, Taekwondo Delegate, Acting Secretary

  • 22 Mar 2018 6:29 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SIBBA Annual Meeting Minutes

    Date:               Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

    Location:            Quality Inn, Ames, Iowa

    Time:              3:00 PM


    The meeting was called to order at 3:00pm.


    Roll Call of Cabinet was taken.


    Those present were Acting President/Treasurer - L. Voorhees; Secretary – T Nickell; Hapkido Delegate – G. McAndrews; At-Large Delegate – M. Hamann; Judo Delegate – K Scoggin; Taekwondo Delegate – Dr. Carmichael


    Committee Chairs member present - Scoreboards – S. Johnson.  Absent – Webmaster – J Tellinghuisen


    Minutes were approved from 2-17-18. (MH. – 1st, GM – 2nd, Carried.)


    The Treasurer’s Report was provided by L Voorhees.  The Checking Account has $2,908.89.  We have two Investment Funds which total $75,644.39

                                                                  i.      Jared Ringstad - $4,962.11

                                                                ii.      General Fund - $70,682.28

    The Delegates’ Reports were provided. 

    ·        Dr. Carmichael, At-Large Delegate, brought the group up to date on the upcoming Symposium which will be held in Marshalltown at his club.  The date is yet to be determined. 

    ·        Dr. McAndrews, Hapkido delegate talked about the self-defense seminars and the workshops the Hapkido club has provided in 2017. 

    ·        Master Scoggins, Judo delegate, reported that Judo numbers are back up.  Park Hills in Des Moines has good attendance, Sioux City is good, although they are in need of some active juniors and Dubuque is struggling a bit but working hard.  He felt social media could be incorporated.  He also reminded the association that the National Judo Championship are coming up and are being held in Ames.  They have 150-160 potential competitors.  Excellent numbers. 

    ·        Master Hamann gave the Taekwondo report.  He shared that the players from Iowa at the U.S. Open, Iowa Qualifiers and local tournaments are representing Iowa well.  The MCTC Midwest Tournament is coming up.

    T.N. made a motion to accept the reports and Carrie Voorhees seconded.  Motion carried.  Acting President, Master Voorhees asked the delegates to submit their reports in writing.

    Master Shane Johnson, Scoreboards’ Chair, reported that two scoreboard systems have been sold to Tiger TKD and the remaining two are in storage. There was discussion that Farrell’s may be interested in those two.  The Ringmaster is no longer viable so our Scoreboard Chair is no longer a necessary position.


    It was also determined that with the updated changes/additions to our web program, Wild Apricot, a Webmaster is no longer necessary as the website is low maintenance.  Master Tellinghuisen was willing to step down.


    Master Scoggins made a motion to accept the committee chair reports and Dr. McAndrews seconded.  Motion carried.


    L. Voorhees presented an amendment to the ByLaws regarding disposition of assets for immediate action.  The amendment modification to ByLaw, Article IV. Members, Section 4.4 “Powers of Members” subsection 1, was proposed to read, “and/or the sale, lease, exchange, or disposition of property/assets of the SIBBA totaling more than $12,000 for the calendar year.”  A motion to accept this modification was made by Master Scoggins, seconded by Dr. Carmichael.  The motion carried.


    The nominated slate for election of Cabinet Members were:

                            Treasurer = Matthew Hamann

                            TKD Delegate = Larry Voorhees

                            Judo Delegate = Kenwood Scoggins

                            HKD Delegate =  Dr. Gina McAndrews

                            At-Large Delegate = Shane Johnson

    A vote by acclamation to accept these members.  A motion was made by Dr. Carmichael and seconded by Carrie Voorhees to accept these new and returning cabinet members.  The motion carried.


    Some discussion on what to do with the outdated SIBBA merchandise.  Dr. Carmichael made a motion to donate or give away apparel that does not sell that evening.  Master Scoggins seconded.  The motion carried. 


    Master Voorhees reported on the new online merchandise store with SIBBA-branded merchandise. It is located at: www.cafepress.com/sibba . Specific details and links will be loaded to the SIBBA website.


    Name tags will be ordered by Master Nickell via Cyclone Engraving.  Those interested and are current SIBBA members should provide Master Nickell with a form and money for their name tag (cost $10 each).


    Master Hamann moved to adjourn the meeting, Master Johnson seconded.  Motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 3:58 PM.

  • 25 Feb 2018 7:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Sirs and Ma'ams:

    The State of Iowa Black Belt Association 2018 Annual Meeting and Election is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, 2018, at the Quality Inn - Starlight Village - 2601 E 13th St, in Ames, Iowa from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM.

    Agenda is as follows:

    I.                   Roll Call of Cabinet

    II.                Minutes of Previous Cabinet Meeting

    III.              Treasurer’s Report

    IV.              Delegate Reports

              a.      Hapkido – Dr. McAndrews

              b.      Judo – Master Scoggins

              c.      Taekwondo – Master Hamann

              d.      At-Large – Dr. Carmichael

    V.                 Committee Chair Reports

              a.      Scoreboards – Master Johnson

              b.      Webmaster – Master Tellingheusen

    VI.              Old Business

              a.      Proposed Amendment to Bylaws

                                 i.      Article IV. Members, Section 4.4 “Powers of Members”, subsection 1, remove “and/or the sale, lease, exchange, or disposition of all or any property and assets of the SIBBA.

    VII.            New Business

              a.      Election of Cabinet Members

                                  i.      Nominated slate:

                        1.      Treasurer:  Matt Hamann

                        2.      Hapkido: Dr. Gina McAndrews

                        3.      Judo: Kenwood Scoggins

                        4.      Taekwondo: Larry Voorhees

                        5.      At-Large: Shane Johnson

              b.      Other New Business

    VIII.         Adjournment

  • 13 Feb 2018 6:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Sirs and Ma'ams:

    The SIBBA Cabinet will be holding their next meeting on Saturday, Feb 17, 2018, in the Forker Building on ISU campus from 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM. Attached is the planned agenda for that meeting.

    2-17-18 SIBBA Cabinet Meeting posted Agenda.doc

  • 13 Jan 2018 11:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Sirs and Ma'ams:

    Applications for the 2018 Jared Ringstad Scholarship, Junior Olympic Scholarship, collegiate Academic and collegiate Leadership scholarships are now available. Applications and all supporting documents must be received by the SIBBA secretary no later than Feb 15th, 2018.

    Details for all scholarships are available on our Resources page.

    Jared Ringstad Scholarhip:  $150

    Junior Olympic Scholarhip: $250

    Academic Scholarship:  $1,000

    Leadership Scholarship: $1,000

  • 13 Jan 2018 11:33 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SIBBA Member Meeting

    1.6.18   1:00 to 3:13 PM

    Virtual – 515-604-9023 – access 704697


    Present: Master(s) L. Voorhees (Acting President/Treasurer), T. Nickell (Secretary), K. Scoggin (Judo Delegate), M. Hamann (At-Large Delegate), Dr. Carmichael (Taekwondo Delegate), S. Johnson (Scoreboards)


    Absent: Master(s) Tellinghuisen (Webmaster), Dr. McAndrews (Hapkido Delegate)


    The meeting was called to order at 1:02PM. 


    • I.                     Roll call was taken.
    • II.                    Minutes were approved from 4/29/2017.  (LV – 1st, MH-2nd, All approved.)
    • III.                 Treasurer’s Report - L. Voorhees provided the Treasurer’s report.
    • a.       The Checking Account has $1427.00
    • b.       We have two investment accounts which total $79,897.60
    •                                                                i.      Jared Ringstad (fund The Bond Fund of America (ABNDX) ) : $5,205.16
    •                                                              ii.      General Fund (all others) : $74,692.44
    • IV.                Scholarships
    • a.       We discussed the scholarships available – Jared Ringstad ($150); Junior Olympic ($250); Academic ($400) and Leadership ($400).  After much discussion, a motion was made to increase the Academic and Leadership Scholarships to $1,000 each.  (Motion – MH – 1st, Dr. C – 2nd, All approved.)  The Ringstad and Junior Olympic will remain as is.  L. Voorhees will update the current application forms and send out via blackbelt lists, social media, SIBBA website and possibly a postcard to SIBBA membership database. 
    • V.                  Black Belt Reunion
    • a.       In the past couple years, Black Belt Reunion has gathered 40-50 people.   The charge has been $10 per person.  This covers the rough expense of $500 for the venue and finger foods.  The Board weighed the pros and cons of changing the venue, but opted to continue hosting the BBR at Quality Inn due to safety and proximity.  The cost will be $10-$12.  We will determine the exact admission fee at the February meeting. 
    • b.       SIBBA Inventory – It was determined that the inventory has been sitting too long and it could be used for marketing purposes.  A motion was made to distribute leftover inventory at the Black Belt Reunion with a possible Instagram/Facebook photo challenge.  (Motion – TN – 1st, KS – 2nd, All Approved)
    • c.       Entertainment at BBR – Karaoke was agreed upon.  L Voorhees will line that up at a cost to SIBBA of $300. 
    • d.       Sound System – L Voorhees will bring his Sound System for availability if needed.
    • VI.                Banquet
    • a.       Pak Family Fundraiser Report from 2017 and Update for 2018 – M. Hamann will insert information into Banquet Packet. He requested that  J Tellinghuisen or Dr. McAndrews provide this information to him to insert into the packets.
    • b.       SIBBA Board will provide Scholarship awards to recipients at Banquet.
    • VII.               Annual Meeting
    • a.       M Hamann will secure a location for the Annual Meeting. 
    • b.       L Voorhees will provide the agenda and distribute it electronically (email and website.)
    • c.       The meeting will start at 3pm to allow more time for attendees to be ready for social hour at 5pm.
    • d.       Open Positions –
    •                                                                i.      Treasurer – L Voorhees is stepping down.  M Hamann is willing to stand for election.
    •                                                              ii.      Delegates – All delegates will vie for their current positions, with the exception of:
    • 1.       Taekwondo - Dr. Carmichael is stepping down and S. Johnson is willing to stand for election.
    • 2.       At-Large – This position will be open if M Hamann becomes Treasurer.  L Voorhees is willing to stand in for election.
    • e.       Positions no longer needed –
    •                                                                i.      Webmaster – J Tellinghuisen is stepping down.  This position is being absorbed by others.
    •                                                              ii.      Scoreboards – This position is no longer needed.
    • VIII.             Amendments to ByLaws
    • a.       L Voorhees presented a few amendments to the ByLaws for immediate action on. 
    • b.       A motion was made to approve nine of the items and to table one: moved by MH, 2nd by Dr. C

                                                                   i.      Article III – Purpose, Section 3.1.3, strike “provide”, replace with “support and encourage

                                                                 ii.      Article III – Purpose, Section 3.1, add subpoint 6, “To foster the continued legacy of the Pak Family of Martial Arts.

                                                               iii.      Article IV – Members, Section 4.1.2, replace “the” with “who

                                                               iv.      Article IV – Members, Section 4.4.2, strike “other than chair”, and replace with “as appointed by the President”

                                                                 v.      Article IV – Members, Section 4.4.3, replace “Treasurer” with “Secretary

                                                               vi.      Article IV – Members, Section 4.9.2, insert “including as chair of a committee”, delete “nor serve as chair of any committees.”

                                                              vii.      Article IV – Members, Section 5.5 – Quorum. Reduce required quorum from 15 to 10 members, insert the word “full”.

                                                            viii.      Article VIII – Meetings of the Cabinet. Insert “Meetings need not be physical, and may be held virtually.”

                                                                ix.      Article XI – Standing Committees – delete entire Article, renumber remaining articles.

    • c.       There was much discussion on the following ByLaw and it was determined not to act on it at this meeting, but to table it.

                                                                   i.      Article IV – Members, Section 4.4.1 “Powers of Members”, strike “and members”, add “or”, strike “and/or the sale, lease, exchange, or disposition of all or any property and assets of the SIBBA”

    • d.       The following ByLaws which require Vote of Membership at Annual Meeting were discussed and a motion was made to postpone these amendments until the new Cabinet is in place in April. (TN – 1st, Dr. C – 2nd, In favor – MH and KS.  Opposed – LV.)

                                                                   i.      Article VI – The Cabinet

    1.       Section 6.1 – eliminate reference to Delegates

    2.       Section 6.2 – eliminate 6.2.2, change 6.2.3 to read “three” consecutive terms or “nine” years in office, eliminate 6.2.4, renumber Section

    3.       Section 6.4 – delete “five Cabinet members”, replace with “one officer”, delete sentence 2, referring to Delegate candidates.

    4.       Section 6.5 – delete reference to Standing Committees, replace so it reads “all committees and committee chairs, as needed.”

    5.       Sections 6.8 and 6.9 – delete, renumber section.

    • IX.                 Other Business
    • a.       NCJA – K Scoggin inquired on the payment system for the NCJA as SIBBA hosted it four years ago.  Per M. Hamann, the payments will be done through a system on campus which will go directly through the Judo club account.  M. Hamann indicated the University overhead is 5%.
    • X.                   Next Meeting
    • a.       The next meeting will be held shortly after Taekwondo promotions on February 17, 2018 at 12:30 pm.  Master Hamann will determine the location.
    • XI.                 Adjournment – M. Hamann made a motion to adjourn and K. Scoggin seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 3:13pm.
  • 06 Jan 2018 10:17 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SIBBA Cabinet Meeting Agenda


    Date:    1-6-18

    Time:    1:00 PM CST

    Location: Virtual – 515-604-9023, access code 704697



    I.                    Roll Call

    II.                 Minutes of Previous Session

    III.               Treasurer’s Report

    IV.              Scholarships

    V.                 Black Belt Reunion

    VI.              Annual Martial Arts Banquet

    VII.            Annual Meeting of SIBBA

    VIII.         Proposed Amendments to Bylaws

    IX.              Other Business

    X.                 Setting of Next Meeting

  • 26 Apr 2015 8:55 PM | Anonymous

    SIBBA Meeting 4/25/15

    Present at meeting: Tony Lamping, Seth Miller, Dr.Mani Mina, Matt Haman, and Esther Fraser.

    The meeting was called to order at 5:15pm.

    The board chose to table the minutes from the last meeting until our next meeting.

    Tony Lamping presented the agenda.

    1) Agenda and calendar for the rest of 2015.

    A)  Calendar of events for the year:

    -  Esther will put together a calendar of events for SIBBA and post it to the website. 

    - Meetings: SIBBA will have four quarterly in-person meetings including the annual meeting in March.  Quarterly for 2015: March and April 25th meetings, June 27th, September TBD and, November TBD. There will need to be some interim meetings for scholarship decisions prior to the March 2016 meeting.  Matt Haman  moved that we have the November meeting on the evening of the SIBBA Symposium.  On the Friday evening before the Symposium we could have a dinner for the instructors to make them feel more welcome.  The board agreed to this idea.

    - Matt Haman has received feedback that SIBBA should do seminars and programs other than only the Symposium and include community outreach.  Matt gave an example of a program on self-defense with police officers to teach the program.  Dr. Mina suggested a Hapkido for Taekwondo practitioners class. 

    - Tony Lamping discussed his SIBBA authorized program idea.  SIBBA could have authorized instructors who will go to a school and lead a program.  The money from the program participants would go to pay the instructor, to the school for facility use, and to SIBBA.  For example, SIBBA could have a CPR and First Aid certification as a program for member schools. 

    - Tony Lamping suggested we find someone to help work on the website.

    -  Tony Lamping would like to have two people to work on membership.

    2) Our bylaws and stated policies  could be better organized.  SIBBA needs to establish clearer policies and directions to work on in the future.

    - Policies relating to scholarships need to be clearer. See agenda item number 3 for further discussion of scholarships.

    - The policy for request of funds and what qualifies to receive funds needs to be clearer.  Matt said it needs to be a martial arts related competition or seminar.  Seth suggested a maximum dollar amount.  Tony questioned team competition versus individual – what qualifies.  Tony made a motion that we  have a committee consisting of a person from each discipline (TKD, Hapkido, and Judo respectively) discuss and refine the request for funds process.  Matt Haman, Esther Fraser, Seth Miller, and Mani Mina agreed to meet for discussion.

    - Tony Lamping stated that SIBBA needs an updated privacy of member information policy.

    3) Scholarships.

    - In the past year very few students applied for academic and leadership scholarships.  Tony Lamping stated he would like to adjust the scholarship restrictions to loosen the qualifications so more students will apply.  He would also like to see an increase in scholarship dollar amount.

    -  Recommendations: increase to two leadership scholarships, one for a highschooler pursuing college entrance, and, one for a student already in college.  Or put one of the leadership scholarships toward a student’s martial arts schooling.   

    - Matt Haman suggested we add a recognition for exemplary service to the awards.  We could call it the Grandmaster Pak Recognition award for exemplary service.  Students could nominate someone in their club.  It would include a monetary award to go to the school. 

    4) Scoring equipment:

    - Tony Lamping said there is a need to clarify our policies regarding the scoring equipment.  For example, we should consider the travel arrangements for people who use it.  If a SIBBA member has to drive the equipment, we would need to pay their mileage.  Or we could have the person using it transport it.  There is also the question of training the user and whether a technician should be available to operate it.  Seth suggested looking at newer equipment.  Matt and Tony said the equipment is costly and changes frequently. 

    - Tony said he will contact Shane Johnson to look at the need for updating our SIBBA scoring equipment.

    -  Matt Haman stated that screen size is an issue with the scoring systems.  Matt Haman suggested we upgrade the size of the monitors because it would be easier to use and more attractive to users.

    5) School Membership.

    Tony Lamping pointed out that we have a school membership option.  SIBBA needs to refine the policy on that.  What it includes etc.  Tony suggested they pay their dues and they get one representative – delegate in SIBBA to represent their school – then we can work on getting individual members from the schools. 

    The meeting was adjourned at 6:30pm.

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